There are no absolutes in life. The best does not exist, but a better choice always does.

A steady accretion of individual taste, the modus vivendi requires the intricate amalgam of time and milieu.

For more than three decades, Yi&C has been dedicated to world-renowned furniture import in Taiwan. Our exquisite taste in home décor, as well as professional advice on interior design, has won the admiration of owners of private estates, starred hotels, and luxury mansions.

Yi&C not only handpicks world-class premium furniture for clients, but also provides comprehensive interior design counsel. We cater to each client’s needs, from furniture to lighting, from textiles to home accessories. Our singular taste in photography, painting, and sculpture allows contemporary art and each living space to blend seamlessly.

We understand the client’s inclination to pursue perfection. To this end we break boundaries that confine imagination. We do not stop at single recommendations for versatile furniture. Unforeseen visions of stunning living spaces are what we aim to provide.

Coming from furniture, design, and art marketing backgrounds, the Yi&C staff attends annual workshops in the overseas headquarters of international furniture brands. Specifically trained and oriented, the staff has their finger on the pulse of the global market and trendsetting lifestyles. Guided by a sharp eye, unique taste, and ample international merchandising experience, Yi&C has become one of Taiwan’s distinguished furniture import agencies, reaching not only Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China, but Europe, America, as well as the Asia-Pacific.

A forerunner of daring living aesthetics, Yi&C believes that everything made with an aesthetic intent is art in and of itself, that artistic styles should be entwined with each living moment, that every breath is a reminder that life is beautiful and abundant. With steadfast dedication, Yi&C aspires to gracious everyday aesthetics that are tailored for you.