May 30, 2011

易雅居擁有來自各相關領域專業團隊,每年度均赴海外接受原廠的知識技術訓練Official Training Program,讓每一位專案人員深具國際觀,並深入了解品牌及產品知識,快速的掌握市場趨勢,提供客戶最為專業的傢俱配置規劃與諮詢,以及原廠授權的完善售後服務。我們一步一腳印地勾勒出居家美學的多樣輪廓,也藉由當代藝術品的展出,來豐富生活美學的內容,讓品味、感受、與感性內化為每一位享用者的心靈智慧。


Yi&C Home Collection continues to raise the quality level of living spaces in Taiwan. For the past thirty years, Yi&C has carried world-class, top-quality furniture brands. Using showrooms to display furniture in real life settings, Yi&C forms subtly elegant and refined atmospheres to present an entirely innovative perspective to its customers.

The Yi&C team is comprised of professionals hailing from across a variety of fields. Through official training programs conducted by overseas vendors annually, each member of our team is endowed with in-depth knowledge about brands and products using an international perspective. Always up to date on the newest trends, we provide professional furniture planning and consulting services along with comprehensive vendor authorized services. We outline the dynamic guise of home aesthetics step by step. Additionally, through contemporary art exhibitions, Yi&C attempts to infuse aesthetics into people’s daily lives, as well as inspire good taste, emotion, and sensibility within everyone.

We value creativity and strongly believe that the scope of art encompasses every creative endeavor. We are convinced that art and style can be infused into our every breath, enriching every aspect of our daily lives. As our contribution to Taiwanese culture, we have dedicated ourselves to the cultivation of a future vision for Taiwanese creative aesthetics.