Sep 29, 2017

Romance of Trees, Flowers, and Stones, the contemporary ink exhibition of Taiwanese painter Peng Kang Long that took place at Yi&C. in 2014 not only embodied the perfect marriage of contemporary ink and home aesthetics, but expanded the horizons for local and international collectors. This year Yi&C. presents Romance of Trees, Flowers, and Stones II, comprising a constellation of Peng Kang Long’s works from 2014 to 2017. Fervently sought after on the international art market, Peng is known for harnessing the power within his painting, as each brushstroke delineates mountains, stones, flowers, grass — either in audacity or defiance. Critic Xia Ke Jun once described Peng’s brushwork as “profound, intense sensuosity,” and “an authentic exploration in Chinese ink,” while Guo Guang Yu compared Peng’s unrestrained interpretation of the centuries-old medium to fauvism in ink. Through this exhibition the viewer will be able to witness up close the artist’s creative force and artistic endeavor in all its ebullience.
【Yi&C Newsletter-雙人組Dimore Studio】 【狗年運轉幸福至,旺旺福犬報新年!】 彭康隆當代水墨個展「花木述石之二」 誠摯邀請您參與易雅居2016年11月11日 【仰觀垂象—泰祥洲水墨個展】開幕酒會 Yi&C 2016 Newsletter AUG -【 MIX&MATCH - OUTDOOR美圖分享】 「韓國當代藝術展」 Yi&C 2016 Newsletter APR -【 MIX&MATCH - CHIC ORANGE美圖分享】 《眼界 ‧ 心界——森山大道個人作品展》 《金庚民:尋找幸福之旅 / Kim Gyung Min:A Journey to Find Happiness》 《得墨 :金浩得墨界 / KIM HO DEUK:the Mo, KIM HO DEUK’s Ink Painting》 Yi&C 2015 Newsletter April. - 【MIX and MATCH | CIRCULAR CHIC | 美圖分享】 開幕圓滿成功 - 【「融域」--- 韓藝三個路 Melting domain: Triangular Matrix of Korean Arts 】 2015 Yi&C藝術展 in May - 【「融域」--- 韓藝三個路 Melting domain: Triangular Matrix of Korean Arts 】 Yi&C 2015 Newsletter April. - 【MIX and MATCH | HOLLY HUNT COLLECTION】 開幕圓滿成功 - 【A Reconstruction of Beitie Images - 碑帖印象 - 黃一鳴水墨作品展】 Yi&C 2015 Newsletter March - 2. Mix and Match - 【New York Style】 2015 Yi&C藝術展:【A Reconstruction of Beitie Images - 碑帖印象 - 黃一鳴水墨作品展】 Yi&C 2015 Newsletter March. Mix and Match - 【RED: The color of luck】 Happy Chinese New Year 2015! Yi&C 2015 Newsletter February :【Outdoor Furniture】 Yi&C 2015 Newsletter January - :【J. ROBERT SCOTT - LUXURY TEXTILE & LEATHER】 Yi&C Newsletter - December:【Mix and Match - ARTISTIC CARVINGS WITH LEATHER】 Yi&C Newsletter - November:【Mix and Match - Kelly Hoppen英國私人豪宅 & CONTEMPORARY ARTISTIC】 開幕圓滿成功 - 2014 【花木述石-彭康隆水墨個展】 Yi&C Newsletter - October 2nd 【Mix and Match : FURNITURE OF ARTISTIC STYLE】 易雅居名人講堂 ---【曹興誠:美感與藝術】 2014 Yi&C 藝術展 - 【花木述石-彭康隆水墨個展】 Yi&C Newsletter - October 【Mix and Match X Art DECO Lighting Collection】 Yi&C Newsletter - September 2nd 【Mix and Match X Lighting - Lolli e Memmoli Collection】 Yi&C Newsletter - September 【CONTARDI - MESSALINA SERIES】 Yi&C Newsletter - September 【2014 New face of Fall Collection from HOLLY HUNT】 Yi&C Newsletter - August - 2 【W Hotel in Russia】 Yi&C Newsletter - August 【CONTEMPORARY】 Yi&C Newsletter - July 【CONTARDI Indoor And Outdoor Led Products】 Yi&C Newsletter - June & July 【New York Style & Kevin Reilly New Collection】 Yi&C Newsletter - June 2014:【MIX and MATCH 提升整體價值】 Newsletter May 2014 - New Lighting Yi&C Newsletter May 2014 2014馬到成功~易雅居祝各位農曆新年快樂! 開幕圓滿成功 - 2013 森山大道-野犬記憶 個人攝影展 2013 森山大道-野犬記憶 個人攝影展 CONTARDI NEWSLETTER Sep. JDM-CHFIRE Chandelier 2013 J. Robert Scott Taiwan Volvo chooses woven carpets - KASTHALL Holly Hunt Great Outdoors-Fall 2013 No worries collection Discover the aesthetics of leathership - WALTER KNOLL CONTARDI NEWSLETTER Kasthall 2013 New Collection 開幕圓滿成功 - 中國當代藝術展-【中產階級拘謹的魅力-當代華人觀點】 中國當代藝術展-【中產階級拘謹的魅力-當代華人觀點】 Donghia Fall 2012 Textile Collection-Moondance 盧志榮 奇幻旅程 雕塑展 Journey of the Imagination 亞洲首展開幕! 羅芙奧「Ravenel Privé」台灣珠寶展 盧志榮 : 奇幻旅程 展期 Sept. 29 (六) -Oct.26 (五) 2012 J. ROBERT SCOTT NEW COLLECTION - INDIGO 第二屆「35視覺藝術家支持計畫」—易雅居藝術獎頒獎典禮 Tufenkian 地毯之美 SOFT FURNISHING DONGHIA New Collection Holly Hunt - New Textile Collection HOLLY HUNT - Alison Berger Chandeliers New Arrival! 開幕圓滿成功 - 真實、試煉與魔幻 – 台日當代攝影展 敬邀 - 真實,試煉與魔幻 – 台日當代攝影聯展 易雅居台日攝影高峰會 真實,試煉與魔幻 – 台日當代攝影聯展 易雅居進口傢俱當代空間館 2011新典藏品 易雅居藝術獎:35視覺藝術家支持計畫頒獎典禮 LIVING WITH ART EXHIBITION-CONTEMPORARY ART IN JAPAN AND TAIWAN Val Sculpture Exhibition: 2009.12.20 ~ 2010.01.19 Robert Kuo Exhibition: October 2009 The Yi&C. and Y+ + / Wada Fine Arts invite you to View