經過一世紀的發展,Kasthall早已成為一個領先國際的地毯製造商,而這其中的秘密就是Kasthall一貫注重設計和推陳出新的產品並且擁有完整的生產線,從最開始的紗線到成品都在掌控中。 在工廠裡所有的編織者們都和設計師們肩並肩坐在一起,他們一起討論編織和染色技巧和賦予新系列產品特色,每一個新的想法都毫無隔閡直接在製作的工廠內測試可行性。 這也是為何Kasthall出產的地毯上背後都有一個皮質的標籤,清楚註明製作者與設計者們的姓名。
此外,Kasthall採用 ISO 14001標準,以積極的態度為環保盡一份責任,並堅持採用有機原料和製品,尊重維持大自然美麗的一面。

Kasthall has been designing and manufacturing unique woven and hand-tufted rugs since 1889. Since its foundation the company has been operating from its own factory in Kinna, an area rich in textile manufacturing history in the west of Sweden. This is where we still make all our rugs today.
Over a century, Kasthall has grown to become one of the leading international designers and manufacturers of rugs. Part of the secret is that Kasthall owns its production, completely controls over the entire production process, from yarn to finished rug. At the factory, the product developers sit side by side with the designers. Together they are experts in developing new techniques and individual colours, dyes and collections. This product development takes place right next to the factory, which means that every idea can be tested in production straightaway. Each Kasthall rug that is made is unique and is manufactured to order, so leather label on the back of each rug shows the names of the people who designed and made it.
Kasthal takes an active responsibility for the environment and is environmentally certified according to the ISO 14001 standard. In daily work this means that Kasthall makes continuous improvements that benefit the environment, from creating a healthy workplace to helping, adopting organic materials/products to preserve the beauty of nature.