Angelo Donghia 始終堅持以充滿活力與創新的角度與視野來看待設計,成為過去這一世紀以來最受人尊敬與深具影響力的設計師。1966年初試啼聲在林肯中心大都會歌劇院嘗試用純銀錫箔鋪設天花板,掛上藍色水晶吊燈再搭配大量的黑色布飾,大膽的配色漂亮的完成了此案,艷驚四座,也啟蒙了創業之路。爾後,最為人傳頌的作品是於70-80年代爲美國時尚巨匠Ralph Lauren的紐約第五大道豪華公寓所特別設計的Manhattan沙發系列,並爲眾多名人設計住宅如60年代知名演員Mary Tyler Moore和地產大亨唐納川普Donald Trump等。1968年風華絕美的Donghia Textiles織品與壁貼問世,立即被市場評價為最具想像力與當代品味的創新產品;1978年創立Donghia Furniture傢俱,靈感來自於20-30年代法國「Art Deco」裝飾藝術巨匠Jean-Michel Frank的作品,強調少即是多的哲學和結合古今的傳承地位;1985年榮登室內設計名人堂。Donghia以自身天賦的商業思維和企業經營的理想性,遠遠領先當代的設計師群,創建了多數成功的生產線,將Donghia發展成極具個人創造力與思想魅力的家俱典型。Donghia.的產品包含家俱、布料、壁貼、燈俱和飾品,所有產品的銷售透過全球超過50個銷售據點,直接的與全球室內設計師和建築師交流。在創意總監Chuck Chewning的帶領下,與頂尖設計師群的緊密合作,使得Donghia持續不斷的蛻變發展。直到今日Donghia公司仍遵循Angelo Donghia 的創始精神,40年歷史的頂級家居奢華品牌的地位,Donghia.無疑地成為美式風格的精華象徵。

Donghia has consistently reflected the dynamic and innovative approach to design that its founder, Angelo Donghia, was renowned for as one of the most sought after and influential interior designers of the past century. In 1966, Mr. Donghia designed the Opera Club at the Metropolitan Opera House at Lincoln Center which, with silver foil ceilings, blue chandeliers and black upholstery, was met with great acclaim.
It was Mr. Donghia's natural inclination for business and an entrepreneurial spirit that truly set him apart from his contemporaries and drove the creation of several successful product lines, which lives on today’s Donghia. Donghia's collections of furniture, textiles, wallcovering, lighting and accessories are sold exclusively to interior designers and architects through Donghia's twelve showrooms across the United States and in over fifty representative showrooms throughout the world. Through the design leadership of Creative Director, Chuck Chewning, as well as collaborations and partnerships with high profile designers, the Company's design profile continues to evolve. With a forty year history at the forefront of the luxury home furnishings industry, Donghia represents American design at its best.