Andrew和Sarah Hills一直夢想在英國打造一間專門製造美麗物件的工作室,終於在1988年創辦了Porta Romana,成立至今這個準則未曾改變,因此擁有一個無論在玻璃吹製工藝、金屬雕刻技藝或是傢俱傢飾製作都十分優秀的團隊。

從Porta Romana作品經常出現在一線國際室內設計雜誌,從豪宅、五星級酒店和私人遊艇等的華美內裝中,到處都有著他們的身影,就不難了解他們所受到金字塔頂端客層喜愛的程度。

Porta Romana總部設在英國的薩里Surrey。在這裡,Porta Romana與許多國內外重要的設計師進行各種合作,並聘請一整個技術精良的資深工匠團隊發展新的想法與設計,他們迷戀細節、重視比例,充滿創作熱情的過程讓每一件成品都有獨特而深刻的美。

到現在Porta Romana還是面臨許多風格設計的挑戰,他們根深蒂固的喜愛古典美,但用全新的材料和形式用心詮釋。隨著設計理念不斷演變,而他們的創作品卻超越了世代與時尚。

In 1988 Andrew and Sarah Hills founded Porta Romana, a UK based atelier devoted to creating objects of beauty. Over the following 20 years their ethic has never changed, and has led to the creation of a body of work drawing on the finest skills of glassblowing, metalworking, sculpting and furniture making.

Porta Romana pieces can be seen in the world’s most beautiful interiors, including private homes, hotels and yachts. They feature regularly in the top Interior magazines, and can be seen in many design publications.

Porta Romana’s Head Office is in Surrey, England. They collaborate with some of the world’s leading artisans to develop their ideas. An obsession with detail, proportion, and material ensure that the creative process is never short, but always dynamic and rewarding. The finished pieces will have drawn on the talents of many individuals to create a unique, hand crafted work of profound beauty.

Andrew and Sarah Hills tackle the question of Style by creating new and challenging designs. Their roots are embedded in a passion for the past, a love of materials and an instinct for shape and form. Their design ethos constantly evolves while remaining beyond fashion.